Dawn Darkmoon

Smiles brightly


Lady Dawn Darkmoon
Lady Knight of the Order of Rays

You see a tall, beautiful, young woman with brown hair, big cornflower blue eyes, soft supple yet tanned skin, and broad shoulders. Her rough, calloused hands and strong muscular physique shows she is not a stranger to hard work, yet her hips are still shapely, her breasts are full and well rounded, and her lips are almost always curled up in a cheery smile; she seems to have an aura about her. A divine aura of goodness that seems to bolster the resolve of anyone near her; whether this is magic or her infectiously optimistic attitude, you are unsure.

Bright cheerful optimistic personality. She is the perfect Solus faithful. Young, athletic, cheerful, and forever optimistic about the future. She always seems to have a cheerful smile on her face. She is humble and modest. In many ways she is still the same farmgirl-next-door she always has been and she tries hard to remain that way.


Short Bio:
She was born and raised seven days ride from Garen on a farm near the village of Shadowdale. She has four older brothers: Charley, Bill, Percy, and George. One younger brother: Ron. The eldest two of her brothers, Charley and Bill, currently have their own farms and wives. Her third brother, Percy, chose the life of a priest of Solus and her fourth brother George lives at home still but is to be married soon. George‚Äôs future wife, Fredrica, is planning to move in with them and together, they will eventually take over the Darkmoon farm. Her youngest brother, Ron, still lives at home, but wants to become a wizard. They are all a good-natured family who loves the feel of the soil in their hands and the sun on their face, though Ron prefers his books more than he likes the soil. Dawn loves her family, but she loves Solus even more. When the chance to come over to a new land and spread Solus’s love opened up to her, she could not say no. Though it pained her to leave her family, she believes the new land is where Solus wants her to go.

Living Relatives:
Tom Darkmoon – Father, Currently living on the family farm in Geran
Molly Darkmoon – Mother, Currently living on the family farm in Geran
Charley Darkmoon – Oldest Brother, Currently unmarried and living on his own farm.
Bill Darkmoon – 2nd older Brother, Currently married and living on his father-in-law’s farm which he will inherit.
Fleur Darkmoon – Sister-in-law, wife of Bill
Percy Darkmoon – 3rd older Brother. He left farm life and has become a priest of Solus.
George Darkmoon – 4th older Brother, Currently living at home and is in line to inherit the Darkmoon family farm
Fredrika Darkmoon – Sister-in-law, wife of George who lives at the Darkmoon farm
Ron Darkmoon – Dawn’s only younger brother she doted over in their youth. He is the runt of the Darkmoon family and is the only one who seems to like books more than fresh air. He is currently a studying to be a wizard.

Known Acquaintances:
Father Vesta – While in Geran, Dawn knew Father Vesta as a colleague of her older brother Percy. Percy and Vesta both applied for the position in Copper Cove, but Father Vesta was chosen to go. Whatever the reason is unknown to Dawn.
Lily Pockets – Faithful halfling priestess of Solus. Lily met Dawn while she was praying at a shrine to Solus in the city of Grograt’s Holdfast She was overcome by Lady Dawn’s aura and was sure Dawn was the answer to her many prayers to Solus. She vowed to follow Dawn to the ends of the earth.

Brighteyes – Faithful paladin mount

Known Rivals:
While Dawn doesn’t consider herself to have any enemies (other than undead and fiendish outsiders), the spirit of good natured sportsmanship and competition still burn in her heart. She has made several rivals in the arena of athletics. First are her three older brothers, Charley, Bill, and George who often wrestled with her in her youth. Percy and Ron were always a bit of a stick-in-the-mud and never liked to wrestle or compete. Ron preferred his books and Percy preferred to judged the competitions. She always did her best to win and eventually did win most of the time.
Another athletic rival was Lyon Dragoneel, a warrior who sought her heart when she was training to be a paladin. Dawn was oblivious to any advances he made and saw him as only another opponent to beat. Lyon thought if he could beat Dawn in the realm of athletics, he could “tame” her and win her heart in the process. His plan never bore fruit; while he would get lucky once or twice, most of the time, Dawn would trounce him.

Solus – is absolutely in love with Solus, almost on a romantic level. She is chaste because no man has ever touched her heart as much as Solus.
Farming – She loves the feel of the dirt in her fingers. She loves the toil of hard work and seeing the fruits of her daily efforts grow little by little. She also loves rearing and caring for farm animals in the same way.
Redeeming evil beings – Even the darkest night can become bright if it only gives way to the dawn. Dawn often gives mercy to her enemies in hopes that one day they can be redeemed
Poultry – she loves roasted birds of all kinds. Her favorite dish is chicken pot pie just like her mother makes; a dish she hasn’t had since leaving the farm five years ago.

Injustice: Dislikes those who use the law to benefit themselves at the expense of others
Undead: If there was one thing Dawn would admit to having the feelings of hate toward it would be undead. To her, undead are a mockery of the divine gift of life given only by the gods. All undead must be purged. No excuses, no exceptions. Necromancers who create undead must be redeemed or exterminated.
Evil Outsiders: She would say she dislike them, but in her limited experience she really hasn’t met any. All she knows of them are stories.
Seafood: she has an intense dislike for all kinds of seafood.

Dawn Darkmoon

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