Deity Spotlights:
Minor Divinities:
The Lady

=Major Deities=
Solus (NG) – Major God of the Sun, Patron of The Divinity
—Community, Glory, Healing, Protection, Sun
—Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace
—Power Center: The Shining Seat of Solus, The Divinity
—Worshippers: Farmers, Humans, Healers
—Holy Symbol: The Sun
—Appearance: Gold skinned human with white wings
Bregnan (N) – Major Goddess of Magic
—Artifice, Destruction, Healing, Magic, Weather
—Favored Weapon: Light Hammer
—Power Center: Unknown
—Worshippers: Mages, Historians, Fortune Tellers, Inventors
—Holy Symbol: A green burst of magic
—Appearance: A disembodied green energy
Lom (N) – Major God of Nature
—Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Weather
—Favored Weapon: Morningstar
—Power Center: No Centralized Structure
—Worshippers: Druids, Farmers, Sailors, Hunters
—Holy Symbol: A blooming flower
—Appearance: A six legged horse with clawed feat and dragon wings
Oritam (LN) – Major God of Death
—Death, Knowledge, Rune, War
—Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
—Power Center: Herald’s Reach, Dorgian
—Worshippers: Grave Diggers, Executioners, Warriors, Librarians
—Holy Symbol: A bloody axe blade
—Appearance: An 8’ tall masked executioner with metallic wings
Premnar (CN) – Major Goddess of the Seas
—Community, Protection, Strength, Weather
—Favored Weapon: Trident
—Power Center: Lugma, Goblin Cays
—Worshippers: Goblins, Sailors, Sea Creatures, Fishers
—Holy Symbol: A fishing net
—Appearance: A 4 headed hydra with flippers instead of feet
Goriv (LG) – Major Goddess of Artifice, Patron of Deima
—Artifice, Rune, Destruction, Nobility
—Favored Weapon: Dwarven Waraxe
—Power Center: Adamant Forge, Deima
—Worshippers: Dwarves, Miners, Inventors, Noblement
—Holy Symbol: A jet black anvil
—Appearance: A female dwarf with 10 beards made of different metals
Nesil (CG) – Major God of Revelry
—Charm, Madness, Community, Trickery
—Favored Weapon: Scimitar
—Power Center: Sylph Heart, Geran
—Worshippers: Adventurers, Hobos, Pranksters, Drunks
—Holy Symbol: An electrum coin
—Appearance: A male elf with 4 fairies circling his head
Hex (LE) – Major Goddess of Tyranny
—Nobility, Strength, War, Charm
—Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail
—Power Center: Tower of Cuth, Faldorn Expanse
—Worshippers: Slavers, Corrupt Politicians, Murders
—Holy Symbol: Gold Manacles
—Appearance: A great iron golem wielding a golden flail
Hemsham (CE) – Major God of Anarchy
—Animal, Destruction, Madness, Travel
—Favored Weapon: Ogre Hook
—Power Center: None
—Worshippers: Monsters, Crazy Folk, BBEG’s
—Holy Symbol: Anything bloody, preferably “bleeding”
—Appearance: A mobile cloud of blood and bones

=Minor Deities=
Ium-Hal (LE) – God of Assassins
—Knowledge, Trickery
—Favored Weapon: Kukri
—Power Center: Block A, Mackloy
—Worshippers: Assassins, Thieves
—Holy Symbol: A vial of poison
—Appearance: A nondescript human male
Trampa (NE) – God of Murder, Patron of Shadow Fist Society
—Death, Fire
—Favored Weapon: Short Sword
—Power Center: Mok-Zarak, New Arstrach
—Worshippers: Gnomes, The Shadow Fist Assassins, Pyromaniacs
—Holy Symbol: A black flame
—Appearance: A black cowled gnome wielding dual black flaming short swords
Fres (CN) – Goddess of Travel
—Earth, Travel
—Favored Weapon: Sword Cane
—Power Center: Arstrach City, Arstrach
—Worshippers: Adventurers, Travellers, Spelunkers, Children
—Holy Symbol: A smooth stone or pebble
—Appearance: An elderly halfling woman with a walking stick
Xortia (N) – Goddess of the Stars, Patron of Zantos
—Darkness, Madness, Knowledge, Trickery
—Favored Weapon: Glaive
—Power Center: Xortias, Zantos
—Worshippers: Mages, Zantosians, Alienists, Stargazers
—Holy Symbol: A red tentacle
—Appearance: A great mass of tentacles and eyes
Spes (NE) – God of Undeath
—Darkness, Charm
—Favored Weapon: Flail
—Power Center: Halls of the Dead, Praetor
—Worshippers: Necromancers, Undead, Grave Robbers
—Holy Symbol: A bleached skull
—Appearance: A twelve armed skeleton with a crown of bleeding fingers
Qito (LG) – God of Justice
—Glory, Strength
—Favored Weapon: Warhammer
—Power Center: Dostio Monastery, Keshii
—Worshippers: Judges, Lawyers, Paladins, Oath-swearers
—Holy Symbol: A silver set of scales
—Appearance: An angel bearing scales in one hand and a gleaming warhammer in the other
Veriata (CG) – Goddess of Freedom
—Healing, Protection
—Favored Weapon: Longsword
—Power Center: Pula City, Ira’itor
—Worshippers: Healers, Guards, Sellswords
—Holy Symbol: A blue shield with an open hand on the crest
—Appearance: A nude blue haired human woman carrying a shield and a sword

Air – Lom
Animal – Lom, Hemsham
Artifice – Goriv, Bregnan
Chaos – Nesil, Premnar, Veriata, Fres, Hemsham
Charm – Nesil, Spes, Hex
Community – Solus, Premnar, Nesil
Darkness – Xortia, Spes
Death – Oritam, Trampa
Destruction – Hemsham, Bregnan, Goriv
Earth – Lom, Fres
Evil – Hex, Ium-Hal, Trampa, Spes, Hemsham
Fire – Lom, Trampa
Glory – Solus, Qito
Good – Solus, Goriv, Nesil, Qito, Veriata
Healing – Solus, Veriata, Bregnan
Knowledge – Xortia, Ium-Hal, Oritam
Law – Goriv, Oritam, Hex, Ium-Hal, Qito
Madness – Nesil, Xortia, Hemsham
Magic – Bregnan
Nobility – Hex, Goriv
Plant – Lom
Protection – Premnar, Solus, Qito, Veriata
Rune – Goriv, Oritam
Stregth – Premnar, Qito, Hex
Sun – Solus
Travel – Fres, Hemsham
Trickery – Ium-Hal, Xortia, Nesil
War – Hex, Oritam
Water – Lom, Premnar
Weather – Lom, Bregnan, Premnar

Gods with Paladins
Solus: A ton of sects. “The Lightbringers” are the personal paladin squad of the High Saint himself. The “Planters” are a militarized sect for national defense. The “Rays” are a missionary sect.
Oritam: One sect exists called the “Enders”. They exclusively hunt and destroy undead, sworn to wipe Spes and his minions from Tor.
Goriv: Two sects. The “Axemen” are the de facto justice dealers in Deima, and “The Anvils” are the goddess’s traveling paladins.
Qito: Three sects: “Judges” travel the countryside righting wrongs. “Blue Shields” dedicate themselves to helping communities develop defenses. “Open Hands” travel the world fighting against Hemsham’s anarchy.

Gods, Death and Resurrection
When a mortal dies, Oritam does not judge them, as he has done so while they still lived. The soul immediately travels to the appropriate plane due to their alignment, and begins the process of becoming a petitioner. If the mortal was a devout worshiper of a particular god, the alignment gets overridden, and the soul goes to the god’s plane (or to its realm itself if a particularly devout mortal). Holy men of a particular god immediately go to their god’s divine realm upon death. If the god so chooses, it can make any newly arrived soul into an appropriate outsider immediately upon arrival.


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