Deity Spotlight: Hemsham: God of Anarchy, Destruction, and Mayhem

The Red Cloud, Blessed Chaos, The Pain
Alignment: CE: Holy Symbol: Blood, preferably bleeding from a living or recently dead sentient creature
Power Center: The High Fane of Blood, Location Unknown
Appearance: A 40’ tall mobile cloud of blood, bone, pain, and agony

The Abyss is a cruel place, and the outsiders formed from it are just as cruel. Perhaps the most well known denizen to have ever emerged from the infinite evil is Hemsham, a giant bloody cloud of destruction and suffering. Hemsham emerged very early in the Godswar, and within the course of a single battle, became feared even among the Elder Titans. Wherever Hemsham went, ruin was left in its wake, and nothing, not even its followers or allies, was safe from the god.

The principal tenants of the organized faith of Hemsham are to spread fear, terror, pain, and suffering upon whomever they feel appropriate. Priests beat, enslave, and torture acolytes, imprinting them with an unnatural hatred of everything. However, even though Hemsham is a chaotic deity, his priests preach methodical approaches to maximizing suffering with every evil action. Yes, acolytes are encouraged to, for instance, burn down city hall, but a true follower of Hemsham will wait until after the yearly election, and burn down the building while all of the city’s elders are inside tallying the vote.

Hemsham’s current high priest is Sherza, a bugbear cleric on the Praetor continent. Sherza is a ruthless murderer who has enslaved thousands and sacrificed millions for the unholy glory of The Red Cloud. The deity resides in his divine realm of Faluria, a layer of the Abyss resembling a horror version of the elemental plane of Air.

Hemsham harbors no allies amongst the other deities, save perhaps Bregnan (but not her clergy). Hemsham’s clergy, however, have been known to ally with the other clergies from time to time, but rarely interact amicably with followers of Premnar or Fres. His greatest enemy is perhaps Qito, god of Justice, but Goriv holds a growing disdain for Hemsham, as his facilitated destruction is contrary to her portfolio of artifice.


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