Seven Blades

Members of the Seven Blades

Lin-tar Bane: M Human Eldritch Knight
Xi: F Human Cleric of Spes
Valeron the Black: M Human Necromancer
name: F Human Rogue
name: M Human FIghter
Coo: M Human Druid

Prior to the Sundering

The Seven Blades made a name for themselves as one of the most successful adventuring troupes on the Kordan continent. Their more noted accomplishments were sacking the Halls of the Dead, fighting off an invasion of ogres from the Bleak Hills, and assassinating Goro Treelord, King of Erant. After the wars of Sarentharoth began, the Blades allied themselves with Centilla and practiced guerilla warfare.

The Summoning of Partath

In YP-3000, the Blades traveled up the mountains past the Halls of the Dead, and reached the summit of Partath Peak. The ritual they performed to summon the Great Dragon is unknown, but the fact remains that the Elder Titan burst forth from the sea, and smote the existence of every human on the continent, including the Blades. The Great Dragon then flew to Caldonia City, and in an epic battle, utterly destroyed Sarentharoth the Mad. The ensuing magical phenomena and war from the lack of humans is collectively known as the Sundering.

Powers and Abilities

Lin-tar was widely regarded as a cunning combatant, versed equally in sword and magic. He wielded an artifact known as the Bent Dagger of Pain, that some said would capture the souls of his enemies as he drew their last blood.

Xi was an accomplished necromancer, and prior to taking up adventuring, was being groomed to become a vampiress, who many in the cult of Spes speculated would one day assume the mantle of Eldest Corpse, the high priestess in the religion. For reasons unknown, however, she took up with the Blades and began a life of adventure and fame.

Valeron the Black, however, had a much different view of the undead than his companion. A devout follower of Bregnan, Valeron saw the undead not as creatures and perfections of unlife, but as disposable tools to be used for his own ends. He, at one point, was a member of the ruling council of The Vastile, but after receiving dire portents of the coming of Sarentharoth, left his life of luxury and hit the road. Legends abound that he and Xi could combine their might and at a whim could summon a horde of faithful undead.

Coo was a member of a druidic circle that held the Death Desert at bay. During the Blades’ adventures, though, he was said to have gained complete control over the natural elements, and the stories say he could control the weather across the entire face of Tor if he wished.

Seven Blades

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