Solus – God of the Sun, Farming, and the nation of The Divinity

Alignment NG; Holy Symbol: The Sun
Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace
Domains: Community, Glory, Healing, Protection, Sun
Worshippers: Farmers, Healers, Humans
Appearance: Gold skinned human with white wings
Power Center: The Shining Seat, The Divinity, Quasitor // The Cathedral of the Star, Praetor

Solus was one of the early gods to emerge out of the planes, venturing out of Nirvana and establishing himself in the generally hostile positive energy plane. From this location, he could quickly move about the material sphere through the inherent gate all stars had to the energy plane. During the Godswar, his actions in defeating a number of titans earned him a reputation as a dangerous, but fair, entity.

On Tor, Solus had a strong center of worship in the nation of Kordan on Praetor. His paladins and priests were on the forefront of the armies opposing the hostile Maris family and eventually Sarentharoth as they ruled the nation of Caldonia. When the Sundering occurred, it took with it the god’s power center and the majority of his worshipers, and for nearly 2000 years, the god tried feverishly to re-establish a decent foothold on the planet. In the YP-1300 range, the nation of The Divinity seceded from Zantos, and established itself as a theocratic state dedicated to spreading the holy words of Solus. With a new power set intact, Solus quickly rose to become the most worshipped deity in the West.


Solus is on good terms with the majority of the Pantheon, with notable exceptions being the Evil gods and Xortia. While philosophically Trampa should be the god’s greatest foe, over the millennia, he has come to particularly loathe the heavy handed tactics that the followers of Hex encourage. His paladins are known to be particularly devout, with the “Rays” sect spread across the face of Tor, fighting against evil forces in whatever ways they can.

More recently, however, the assassination of Saint Dearing by the Shadow Fist Society has fueled a particular feud between the Lightbringers sect of paladins (disgraced for allowing the Papacy to be assassinated) and the assassin’ guild. This, along with a schism that lasted for three years after the assassination, has caused The Divinity to become more of a traditional nation, reducing the overall influence that Solus has on Tor. In divinity, however, this act of aggression by Trampa hasn’t stirred Solus or his extraplanar minions whatsoever, much to the bafflement of the Church.


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